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Mission Statement

Blairsville Municipal Authority aspires to be an organization with the primary goal of servicing our customers’ needs at the lowest possible cost.  Attention will be given to each detail relating to the water, sewage, and refuse services.

  1. Our mission statement is the principle belief of our Authority and its directors, management, and employees.
  2. We will treat our customers with respect and dignity.
  3. Our customers are our primary focus.  Timely follow up in all matters is expected.
  4. The foundation of our communication policy is listening to the needs of others, establishing a plan to meet those needs, and responding in an honest and diligent manner.
  5. We are a service-driven organization where performance, innovation, and creativity are recognized and rewarded.
  6. Pride and enthusiasm should be created in the Blairsville Municipal Authority work place.  Director, management, and employees will be involved in the planning of this program.
  7. We are dedicated in making customers for life. When problems arise, we will prioritize them and seek resolution as effectively as possible.
  8. We believe that continual training, education, and enrichment in our field will provide our customers with the highest level of expertise and service.
  9. We are committed to serving the community in which we live and work.
  10. It is our responsibility to create an environment of teamwork and service which enables us to develop and achieve our goals.